~*~Hayley~*~ (_borrowedheaven) wrote in ljbb,

New Girl

Hey All!

I'm new here - I was looking around for a place to rant about BB, since I get so worked up by the housemates this year!

I've never seen so many uneducated, classless people in my life - yet it's SO entertaining!

Quick rundown on my thoughts:

Science - started off okay, talks too much crap, getting too annoying
Maxwell - Bit of a geezer, harmless enough - don`t want him to win though, thinks he's got it in the bag
Derek - Irritating voice and bit of a snob, but at least he has some interesting things to say.
Eugene - Okay he's geeky, but seems a really nice and genuine bloke. I hope he wins!
Orlaith - Slapper. Very pretty - but total and complete, dirty little slapper.
Makosi - Another slapper. Except she's a deluded one, she has the fittest body in there?! HOW?!
Vanessa - Most annoying voice in the world. Most pointless housemate ever.
Kemal - WHAT?!
Anthony - Funny enough, but still wouldn't want him to win
Craig - Annoyed me when speaking about Eugene - said he only likes trendy, good looking, cool people - and which one of those things is supposed to apply to Craig?!

What's everybodys elses thoughts?!
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